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Admissions Event

Kick-off Weekend

Date to be announced

Hold on for the ride of your life when you kick-off your college career:

  • Try things you may never have done before — rafting, anyone?
  • Make new friends in the weirdest ways — can you say "movie makeover"?
  • Learn how to survive college — yup, there will be tests
  • Get the low-down on your professors — they can have fun, too

Click here for the Kick-off Weekend Schedule

What to Expect

Thursday Move in, say farewell to your family
Friday Meet people, laugh, learn, share, do new things
Saturday Same as Friday, plus more fun!
Sunday Your day and over $3,000 in Prizes!
Monday You're a college student now. Get to classes!

The Cost

Kick-off Weekend activity and meal costs are covered by the $30 Registration & Orientation Fee charged to the accounts of all new, degree-seeking students enrolled in six or more credit hours.
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