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You've probably already asked the standard questions about academic programs and costs, but what about the scary ones?

  • It's easy to find friends if you think about who you are, what you like to do, and who you enjoy spending time with, then look for opportunities. Students tell us the best thing about Kick-Off Weekend is all the friends they made and still hang out with with the rest of the year. Number one proven way to make friends: joining a student club or organization, or participating in student activities.

  • Every kind — gamers, geeks, jocks, valedictorians, wise guys, outdoorsmen, city slickers, cowgirls, lost souls, average Joes, dreamers, wallflowers, artists, welders, truth seekers, heroes, down-and-outers, divas, doubters, shy ones, world changers, macho men, scaredy cats, C+ students, hotties, plain Janes, those who hated high school and those who loved it and everyone in between.

  • That depends on the hall or apartment you choose. In Simpson Hall, you may share your bathroom with fewer people than you do at home. At Cody Hall, expect more traffic in the bathrooms. But the great thing about living in any hall is that you don't have to clean the bathrooms — ever!

  • If you and your roommate don't hit if off, your resident director will help you both learn to anticipate problems and develop strategies for coping with them. If that doesn't work, your director will mediate for you. If you're still not happy, a room change is possible, depending on room availability.

  • You'll be wearing summer clothes when you arrive for fall semester and when you leave at the end of spring semester, but be prepared for cold weather in between. If you'll be bringing all your clothes with you instead of having them shipped as the seasons change, be sure to pack some winter wear, especially if you want to enjoy outdoor recreational opportunities. Definitely plan on bringing all your electronic gear, but before buying a refrigerator, microwave or other appliances for your room, check with your roommate. He or she may already have them.

We've Got You Covered

If you're worried about making the grade, making a living, making your computer work on campus, or anything else, check out the support services you have at NWC.

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Sean Fox
Vice President for Student Affairs

Office: ORB104F
Phone: 307-754-6100

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