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Powell Valley Community Education


INTRODUCING the 'Let-us-know-where-you-want-to-GO' plan!

Let us know what dates work for you in August and we will schedule when we can get enough folks to go!

Call us at 754-6469 today!


Join us on a trip over the Bighorn Mountains to....

Red Flower We want to know where you want to go for educational adventures on wheels! Click HERE to respond to our Excursion Survey, or go to:


Excursions ...

PVCE puts lifelong learning on WHEELS!

PVCE is now accepting applications for fall public programs and community education instructors! Give us a call at 754-6469 or e-mail  For more information look left or right of this column.

It's People like YOU...  who put 'community' into Community Education!


Topics include, but are not limited to: Crafts, Nature, Computers, Art, Science, History, Social Maturity, Finance, Safety, Hobbies, Geology, Food, Religion, and more!

Click here for summer driver education info or to register.

Where to get a printed catalog:

 Any public libraries in the Bighorn Basin!

We are currently working on the Fall 2015 catalog, so if you want to teach any classes, now is the time to apply! (See left.)

Our website works best if you use the most updated version of your browser. We recommend Internet Explorer.

Our website works best if you use the newest version of Internet Explorer.

  307-754-6469  fax: 307-754-7839

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Executive Director Ingrid Eickstedt 

Program Coordinator David Sauceda

Office:  1397 Fort Drum Drive  Powell WY 82435

Mailing Address: PVCE BOCES West Campus  231 W Sixth Street, Bldg 25  Powell, WY  82435-1838

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Have a class you'd like to teach?

We are always looking for new instructors and classes. Learn how to become an instructor here.

To find out where to get a class schedule, click here!

We Accept

New Course Ideas Always Welcome

Email us, call us at 307-754-6469 or stop by the office  to share your ideas.