Welcome to the Northwest College Criminal Justice website! 

Criminal Justice at Northwest College offers an overview of the American criminal justice system and a survey of the theories, procedures, laws, and elements that guide our justice system and a survey of the theories, procedures, laws, and elements that guide our justice system. Students acquire a general knowledge of the origins and methods of the police, courts, and correctional systems in America, as well as their design structure and operation.


More than this, the Criminal Justice program, offers you experience on a personal level. You will get to know the local law enforcement members, people who have been in the field and have personal experiences to share with you. You will also work closely with the Criminal Justice advisor, Lou McPhail. This is the man you will have most of your classes with and will also advise you. Lou is a former attorney and has a wealth of knowledge to share with his students. He makes sure his students will get many of the same advantages that students at a university will get. He has personally arranged trips to the local jails for his Intro to Corrections class, gotten them into the Wyoming Boys school to illustrate the differences between the adult systems and the juvenile systems, arranges trips for his Criminal Justice Club to Washington D.C., and he also sets up mock crime scenes for his Criminal Investigations class.


The Criminal Justice program offers many advantages to students. It may be located in a smaller two-year college, but you will feel like you have been learning in a university. Smaller class sizes and personal attention with the professors will have you never wanting to leave. So check us out and you will not regret your decision to achieve a Criminal Justice degree at Northwest College!


Lou McPhail
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice