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Associate of Applied Science

This curriculum is designed to provide marketable, entry-level skills in management, with emphasis on training in finance, accounting, and managerial economics in agriculture-related business and industry.  It requires a student to obtain a foundational knowledge in plant and animal sciences to augment business courses.  Students complete this program in order to enter the rapidly expanding job market in businesses which process and market agriculture commodities or businesses which sell goods and services to producers.  The enormous investment and increasingly complex business aspects of producation agriculture makes this an appropriate curriculum for students planning to return to a farm or ranch enterprise as well.

Sample Careers:

  • Ranch foreman
  • Feedlot manager
  • Farm records technician
  • Agriculture sales representative
  • County ag office employee
  • Land and asset appraiser
  • Commodities broker
  • Landscape contractor

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Vern Dooley
Associate Professor of Agriculture; Chairperson for Agriculture, Business, Communications and Equine Division