Local Area Information

Oregon Basin

This is a great ride through fun slick rock. It however can be a dangerous location because of the rock, there are numerous drops and drainages as well as riding along the edge of a cliff that drops away up to 60+ feet. It is a mellow loop that allows for fun afternoon or early morning bike ride, in the summers it is very hot so bring plenty of water. As with most other locations be on the lookout for rattle snakes here! The trail can be access from a few points, here is one possibility. Drive East out of Cody on the Greybull Highway. Drive for about 6-7 miles past the airport and turn right at the Orgeon Basin sign. Follow the road for a short distance to a right hand dirt road fork and travel that for a couple miles, cross a cattle guard and take the long flat dirt road, as if going to the lake bed/drilling spot. when the road makes a 90 degree bend to the left go straight on the dirt road. Caution as you need high clearance to make it downt he rutted road. After about a mile on that road you go around a slight ridge sticking out, past the power poles, you can see it from the start of the road, and the road eventally dead ends. At that point pick up the trail and head straight up the slickrock. The trail can be followed for a loop of about 4 miles on good old playground fun riding.

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