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At what age do you begin accepting students into camp? 

We allow 6th grade through college freshmen to attend the camp (grade level of student in fall, following camp). Remember that to play in the band that students must have a year of experience on their instrument in their school band.


How do I know if my student is registered for Music Camp?

After submitting the online registration form, your student will be mailed an information packet; however, registration is not complete until we have received the $150.00 deposit (or payment in full, if you choose).


My student will be starting on a band instrument in the fall. Can he or she register for band camp?

Sorry, students must have played in their school band on their camp instrument for at least a year.


Will I get all of the classes I signed up for?

Class schedules are created on a first-come, first-serve basis after the online registration AND the $150 deposit is received. Students who apply and pay the deposit first are more likely to receive their first choice of classes.


I've changed my mind about some of the classes I want to take. How do I change them?

Unfortunately, after submitting your online registration, you will not be able to change your classes until you get to camp. Camp schedules will be passed out on Sunday at registration, and students will have the opportunity to change classes on Sunday evening or Monday morning before classes begin (please note that many classes may be full). The camp staff has a lot of work to do with all of the processing of registration and payments, and we are not equipped at this time to also make class changes for students before camp begins.


I am a Commuter Camper, I am paid in full, and all of my forms are turned in. Do I still need to come on registration day on Sunday?

Yes, everyone must do an audition with a faculty member and check into camp. In addition, there is an all camp meeting and first rehearsals on Sunday night.


Why are there auditions on camp registration day?

These give the ensemble directors a chance to hear each student individually. This helps them to select literature and get an idea of what aspects students need to work on in Master Classes. At this time, students are chosen for Jazz Bands and other select groups. We don’t cut anyone from the Concert Bands or Concert Choir, but chair placements for the Concert Bands are also done during this time.


Can I arrive late on camp day?

Registration and auditions are from 3:00-5:00 p.m. and all students must attend this. We highly discourage anyone from arriving late to camp. However, we do understand that sometimes circumstances require that students arrive late. Please contact the camp office as soon as possible so that accommodations can be made.




My student received a scholarship at Showalter (or another music festival) on Piano or Violin. How should I register my student?

If your student has played another band instrument (must have played in school band for at least a year), then they may register for the Band Camp. However, if their only instrumental experience is on Piano or Violin, they should register as a Vocal Only Camper. Piano students will still have the opportunity to take piano lessons during the week.  


I received a scholarship at Showalter. Why hasn’t it been applied to my account balance?

Students must apply online for the scholarship or mail in the scholarship form in order to receive credit to their account. This scholarship is not automatically deducted from the account balance.


I received a scholarship at Showalter or the Northwest Jazz Festival, but I lost my paper. Can I still receive the scholarship?

Yes, we have both Showalter and Northwest Jazz Festival Scholarships on file at the college, and you can contact us to have the scholarship applied to your account. However, if you attended a festival outside of Northwest College, we will have to have your form or adjudication sheet. If these are both lost, please contact us for more options.




I mailed a deposit check or payment, but that payment isn't showing on my invoice. Why is that?

At this point, we process camp registrations quite quickly. The invoice was likely mailed out just before we received your payment. If you have questions about your current balance, please call or email us.


What happens if I pay after June 1st?

Students that are paid in full by June 1st receive the early-bird discount ($395 for Commuter Campers and $595 for Overnight Campers). Students paying after this time will be charged $410 for Commuter Campers and $610 for Overnight Campers.




Can I share a room at camp with my friend?

Yes! This must be requested on the initial application, and each person must request the other.


Why is there a key deposit? Why is the deposit so high?

The $100 key deposit is mandated by the Northwest College Residence Halls. If a student loses a key, this covers the fee to have the door re-keyed. It is best if the key deposit is made in the form of a check. Checks are not cashed and will be returned on Friday provided the student doesn’t lose his or her key.


Zach Paris
Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Bands/Instrumental Music


Cassie Loera
Senior Office Assistant, Visual & Performing Arts Division & Intercultural Programs
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