Writing in the Academic World



1st place (tie)
National Parks & American Indians - Public Places and Sacred Spaces

By Jeannette ManyHorses

For SOSC 2395, Seminar in Social Science Research / David Erickson

1st place (tie)
Low Stress Cattle Handling

By Katy-Jane Angwin

For ENGL 1010, Introduction to Composition / Robert Stothart

3rd place
Needle Stick Prevention

By Nicola Monahan

For NRST 2760, Leadership Management / Marnee' Crawford

4th place (tie)
Effects of Ujjayi Breathing

By Ashley Wentworth

For BIOL 2395, Biological Research / Eric Atkinson

4th place (tie)
Assistance Dogs for Disabled Individuals

By Tiffany Elliott

For PSYC 2000, Research Methods in Psychology / Wally Wolfe