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This is the place to get one-on-one help with academic advising, transferring to another college, setting up an internship, and finding a job or career.

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We're open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday in ORB 101. Email, call or stop by any time!

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Academic Advising

Academic advising is a team activity. The better prepared you are when you meet with your advisor, the better he or she can counsel you. Doing your homework first can save you money and frustration.

New students:

  • Try to narrow down the areas of study which interest you most.
  • Check out our Academic Maps to view potential degree paths. More being added all the time!
  • Think seriously about how many years you want to spend in college (two, four, more?).
  • Set up an appointment with your advisor. If you don't know who your advisor is or how to request an advising session, email us or call 307-754-6291. We'll get you connected and can even set up an over-the-phone advising session if needed.

Returning students

*Paper copies of the class schedule are available in the Admissions Office (ORB 100), Registration Office (ORB 102) and the Academic and Career Advising Center (ORB 101).

Transfer Advising

The best time to start thinking about where you'll transfer is before you register for your first NWC class. Since that's not always possible, be sure to bring up transfer considerations each time you meet with your advisor.

Career Planning

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An internship is a temporary job (sometimes paid and sometimes not) that's also a learning experience when tied to your academic major.

An internship can:

  • Help you choose a career
  • Connect you with a mentor
  • Preview the world you'll be working in
  • Add value to classroom instruction
  • Give you a foot-in-the-door with a prospective employer
  • Enhance the power of your resume
  • Earn experiential learning credit for you

If you're interested in an internship or already have a job that might qualify, we want to help. Contact us, 307-754-6291, or stop by the Academic & Career Advising Center in ORB 101.

Available jobs & internships

See a list of jobs and internships open in the area.

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