HLC Accreditation: 2017 Comprehensive Review

Message from the President

Dr. Stefani Hicswa

Accreditation through a thorough review process provides assurances of institutional integrity, quality, and effectiveness. We take that very seriously. Northwest College has worked extremely hard on its Assurance Argument to seek continued accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

A 12-member Accreditation Steering Committee has worked diligently to plan, organize, research, write, revise, document, and inform the campus in preparation for the HLC’s September 11-12 comprehensive visit. Our desire that these exhaustive efforts highlight ways we can improve our effectiveness in serving students and taxpayers.

Northwest College’s decades-long accreditation sends a message to other colleges and universities—and to the public—that it meets established criteria and is determined to continue doing so in the future.

Following NWC’s August submission to the HLC, visitors to this website will find NWC’s Assurance Argument linked within. The argument’s detailed self-analysis documents that Northwest has responded comprehensively to the following five HLC-mandated criteria.

  • Mission
  • Integrity: Ethical and responsible conduct
  • Teaching and learning: Quality, resources and support
  • Teaching and learning: Evaluation and improvement
  • Resources, planning and institutional effectiveness

 I very much look forward to hosting the HLC’s visiting team in September and proceeding with the review process.

Stefani Hicswa, Ph.D.