Music Department

Audition Days

Northwest College Music program is offering several opportunities to audition for our available scholarships for the upcoming academic year!

Due to COVID, all solo auditions should be recorded videos sent to

Please use this Checklist when sending your audition video and include the information in the body of your email.

Scholarship Audition Guidelines

Band/Zach Paris
  1. Play Chromatic Scale.
  2. Play Concert B-flat Scale.
  3. Play a solo or etude of your choice. 
  4. Sight read a short piece of music.
  5. Percussion: be able to demonstrate basic rudiments along with a basic knowledge of mallet instruments.
  6. If you play the drum set, demonstrate the following styles: Rock- Latin- Swing- Funk
  7. If a video submission – please give a short statement with your name, years playing, styles studied, and indicate what other musical experience you have (other instruments, etc.) 

Voice/Zach Paris
  1. Sing one verse, a cappella, of “America the Beautiful” in a comfortable key of your choice.
  2. Sing the following scales/exercises:
    1. Chromatic Scale (one octave, all half steps) on “loo” or another neutral syllable. Begin on Bb or C.
    2. Major Scale, either on solfege or a neutral syllable. Begin on Bb or C
    3. *If a live audition, you will be asked to sing some exercises to demonstrate your range.
  3. *If possible* sing a short solo piece of your choice. This can be any style (jazz, musical theater, pop, classical), and should be 90 seconds or less in total length. If you do not have a solo piece you can perform, simply leave this part out.
  4. If a video submission – please give a short statement with your name, years singing, voice part, and indicate what other musical experience you have (other instruments, etc.)

Music Technology/Robert Rumbolz

Music Technology does not have an audition process but is more an opportunity for me to get to know more about you. Please note that most of the Music Department’s Scholarships are Activity Scholarships (for singers and players). However, Music Technology does have a few small scholarships to award as well. To that end you may:

  1. Post links via email or share recorded examples of your work via CD or thumb drive (mixes, DJ mashups, original compositions, etc.)
  2. Be able to speak about your experience with audio (live, recording) and your interest in studying Music Technology
  3. If possible, please discuss the production software or DAW you are most familiar with (such as, Pro Tools, Live, FL, etc.)

For more information on Northwest College application process and scholarships click here.


Zach Paris
Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Bands/Instrumental Music


Robert Rumbolz
Associate Professor of Music