Be student-centered Be forward-thinking Cultivate community Prepare students for transfer, career, and life Retain and graduate students

In the context of our global society, the mission of Northwest College is to:

Be student-centered

At NWC, being student-centered means:

  • Instruction focused on student learning
  • Student-centered course offerings
  • Flexible programs and offices that:
    1. Anticipate student needs with predictive and proactive planning, and
    2. Respond to emerging needs in a timely fashion
  • High-quality academic advising
  • User-friendly, easy-to-find resources for students
  • Accessible and innovative learning spaces
  • Vibrant student life opportunities

Be forward-thinking

At NWC, being forward-thinking means:

  • Anticipating change through proactive innovation
  • Fostering flexibility
  • Investing in continuous learning for faculty and staff

Cultivate community

At NWC, cultivating community means:

  • Inspiring school spirit and connection
  • Upholding a culture of accountability, integrity, and respect
  • Promoting meaningful collaboration across divisions, programs, offices, and with alumni.

Prepare students for transfer, career, and life

At NWC, preparing students for transfer means:

  • Enhancing students' ability to apply sophomore-level concepts and skills to advanced academic contexts
  • Ensuring easily articulable classes and seamless transfer

At NWC, preparing students for career means:

  • Developing students' ability to apply principles and skills to workplace problems and situations
  • Enhancing students' skills in management, leadership, and collaboration
  • Increasing students' technological fluency
  • Cultivating students' commitment to accurate work and personal achievement

At NWC, preparing students for life means:

  • Developing students' openness to new ideas, capacity to make wise decisions, and sense of responsibility for their actions
  • Improving students' time management skills
  • Leading students to treat others generously and with respect

Retain and graduate students

At NWC, retaining and graduating students means:

  • Providing support and opportunities to motivate students to persist from one semester to the next
  • Providing support and opportunities to motivate students to complete their degrees