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Career Advising

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Career Assessments

Career assessments can help you clarify your interests, values, abilities, preferences, and motivations. They won't tell you exactly what you should do with your life, but they will help you get a better idea of potential majors and careers you should explore. Below are some career assessments you can take online. If you want to talk about the results drop by the Advising Office in ORB 100 or call 307-754-6124 to set up an appointment.

FOCUS 2: Provides you with access to five different career assessments that look at your interests, values, personality, skills, and leisure preferences. You can combine the results of the assessments for a more accurate picture of which careers might be a good fit for you. FOCUS 2 also shows which majors at NWC line up with the careers that are recommended for you.

If you have never taken the FOCUS 2, click on the register button below (you will need to enter the access code -  trapper - to register):


If you have already registered to use FOCUS 2, click on the FOCUS 2 Button below:


Careeronestop: Provides a one-stop-shop experience for online career assessment, career research, and job search. Make sure to print out the results or save them as a pdf if you want to discuss them with an advisor.

Virginia Education Wizard: Provides access to a skills assessment, an interest assessment, and a values assessment. The site also allows you to combine the results of all three assessments so that you can explore careers that line up with your skills, interests, and values. You can register for free or take them without registering. If you don't register, make sure you print out the results or save them as a pdf if you want to discuss them with an advisor.

Career Research

Are you interested in knowing how much you can make in a specific career, or whether the career field is growing? Check out some of the following sites to learn more about any career you are interested in.

Occupation Outlook Handbook: The Handbook allows you to research occupation groups or look up individual careers. The Handbook also provides you with information about the salary, the level of education you need to work in the field, the number of jobs available, and the projected job growth.

O*NET OnLine: O*NET allows you to research occupation groups or individual careers. O*Net provides information about the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to excel in the field; educational requirements; interests, work styles, and work values that line up with the field; related occupations; potential earnings, and projected job growth. 

ExploreHealthCareers.orgProvides information about many different types of health careers. Information included on the site includes salary, working conditions, required education, and job growth.

What Can I Do With This Major: Learn about the types of career areas and employers that hire people with each major. 

Career Skills

Need help applying for a job? Here are some resources to help you write a resume and cover letter. You can also drop by the Advising Office in ORB 100 or give us a call at 307-754-6124 to set up an appointment.

Resume Help: Make sure you stand out from the crowd with a well-crafted resume. 

Cover Letter Help: Cover letters can be tricky. Follow some expert advice found below.


Are you interested in an internship? Then drop by ORB 100 or give us call at 307-754-6124. We can discuss with you potential internship opportunities or help you set one up. There are many reasons to participate in a internship.

For example, an internship can:

  • Help you choose a career
  • Connect you with a mentor
  • Give you a preview of the world you'll be working in
  • Add value to classroom instruction
  • Give you a foot-in-the-door with a prospective employer
  • Enhance the power of your resume
  • Earn experiential learning credit for you

Articles on internships: