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Institutional Requirements

Transfer students must have a 2.0 GPA. Make sure to look at your specific department's requirements. Thirty of the 48 required upper division courses must be taken from UW.

University of Wyoming's General Education Requirements are the following: 1-3 credits of Intellectual Community; 3 credits of Writing; 3 credits of Communication; 3 credits of Quantitative Reasoning I; 3 credits of Quantitative Reasoning II; 4-8 credits of Science; 9 credits of Humanities, Social & Behavioral Science, and Fine Arts; 3 credits of US & Wyoming Constitution; and 1 credit of Physical Activity & Health.

Articulation Information
  • Course-to-course
  • Block agreements
  • Associate's degree + additional Math class meets General Education Requirements
  • Junior status with associates
Other Important Information
Transfer Agreements