Northwest College

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In alphabetical order by first name
Name Title Office Phone Email
Char Kline Senior Office Assistant for Admissions and Recruiting ORB100 307-754-6101

If you are from Montana, Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada or North Dakota, please contact Dru.

Dru Cartier Interim Admissions Representative ORB100C 307-754-6043

If you are from Big Horn, Park or Washakie counties in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas contact Kendle. 

Kendle Dockham Admissions Coordinator ORB100B 307-754-6400

If you are from Wyoming, outside of Park, Washakie and Big Horn counties, Idaho, Arizona, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, please contact Kennedy.

Kennedy Corr Interim Admissions Representative ORB100A 307-754-6017
West Hernandez Admissions Manager ORB100C 307-754-6103