Northwest College

Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.)

The Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) in Professional Studies is a fully accredited Bachelor's degree. Courses are delivered in an adaptive hybrid model, meaning the eight-week courses that make up the program core are offered in multiple formats:

  • Face-to-face in a classroom,
  • on video (Zoom) during regular class time, and
  • online at any time during the week (in case you can't make it to class in person or on Zoom)

...and you can choose between these formats from week to week, based on other demands on your time that week.

Step 1: Apply to NWC

B.A.S. applicants must be admitted to NWC first. If you are not already an admitted NWC student, submit your admissions application and send in your transcripts (Step 3) as soon as possible to get things started.

Step 2: Apply for the B.A.S. program

Familiarize yourself with the 2022-23 B.A.S. Handbook

Step 3: Submit Your Transcripts

  • Send us your college transcripts
  • If you have completed fewer than 15 college credits, also send us your high school transcript, GED scores, or homeschool transcript.
  • After submitting your transcripts, you may also be asked to provide your ACT, SAT or COMPASS test results.

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Step 4: Activate Your College Account

Activating your college account allows you to access the Northwest College scholarship application and check your admission status. Your college account will become extremely valuable once you enroll in classes and begin your semester. Here are just a few resources your college account can offer:

  • Check grades
  • Plan your coursework
  • Take an online course
  • Check your balance and financial aid
  • NWC email account
  • and much more!

Once you have applied to NWC we will email and send you a letter with directions on how to activate. If you have your NWC I.D. number are ready to activate, please click the link on the right.

Step 5: Submit these documents

  1. Student Health Form
  2. MMR Vaccination Record —This may already be on your high school transcript (ask your guidance counselor) or get it from your doctor.

The Student Health Form will be mailed to you in your application packet. Be sure to fill them out and return them.

Step 6: Get Help Paying for College

There are lots of ways to pay for college — student jobs, loans, grants, scholarships and military benefits. Learn about them early and pay attention to deadlines.