Northwest College

Parent/Family of a Student

The process of selecting and applying for college can be overwhelming. Here are ways you can explore NWC and be a resource for your student.

The Paperwork

Applying is the first way to connect with NWC. Here's a quick checklist of the steps your student must complete to be admitted to NWC:

  1. Apply Online
  2. Submit Transcripts
  3. Submit ACT or SAT Test Scores
  4. Submit these axillary documents:

Campus Visit

See NWC through your student's eyes. Sample our dining services, check out residence halls and talk with current students. Nothing takes the place of first-hand experience.

Student Services

At Northwest, your student will have access to many valuable individual services, including counseling, tutoring, career planning, and many more. All for free!

Your Student Away From Home

Your student will be doing much more than attending classes. Take a larger look at NWC.

Paying for College

You may be surprised by all the ways there are to pay for college — student jobs, loans, grants, scholarships and military benefits.

    Signing up for Classes

    Your student will need an academic advisor to help him/her select and enroll in appropriate classes.

    Two ways to do this:

    • New Student Orientation events
    • By appointment in person or via telephone