Northwest College

Employee Meal Plans

Northwest College has two employee incentive meal plans. They are designed to allow employees to purchase food dollars in advance and automatically subtract from the balance maintained on their employee ID.

The Employee Incentive Meal Plan options are

  1. $300 worth of meals for $200– a 33% discount
  2. $200 worth of meals for $135 – a 32% discount

Your purchased dollars can be used at The Hub, or Trapper Marketplace (Dining Hall). Your dollars purchased do not expire as long as you remain an NWC employee.

The Business Office has the form that must be completed to participate in the employee incentive meal plans. The form will allow you to select from payroll deduction (up to two payroll cycles) or paying at the time the form is completed. Once the form is completed, you take the completed form to Dining Services to load your $’s on your account.