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A. G. Lucier Collection

The A. G. Lucier Collection is a large collection of photographs that date from (roughly) 1908 up to the mid-1950s. All photographs were the images shot and developed by Albert G. Lucier. Lucier worked in and outside of the Big Horn Basin and he owned a studio in the downtown Powell, Wyoming area. Part of the A.G Lucier collection was purchased by Northwest College in 1983. Within this purchased collection, is a large collection of glass negatives that document the National Park to Park Highway Inaugural Tour of 1920, of which Lucier was the hired photographer. This collection, while substantial, is not the complete Lucier Park to Park photographic collection. Other photos were acquired by other entities. Albert G. Lucier died in January, 1962. See A. G. Lucier’s biography

A. G. Lucier Collection Park to Park Inaugural Tour of 1920

The A. G. Lucier collection includes images from negatives and photographs of the National Park-to-Park Highway Inaugural Tour of August 26 - November 9, 1920. This 76-day dedication tour, sponsored by the National Park-to-Park Highway Association, the National Park Service, and the American Automobile Association, was recorded on photographic film by A. G. Lucier, from Powell, Wyoming. The tour route conceived and organized by A. L. Westgard, was set to visit 12 National Parks in the American West (alphabetical): Crater Lake, General Grant, Glacier, Grand Canyon, Lassen Volcanic, Mesa Verde, Mount Rainier, Rocky Mountain, Sequoia, Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Zion.

A. G. Lucier also included in this collection images from negatives of downtown Powell, Wyoming from 1909, 1913 and 1920.

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