Northwest College

Our Staff

Student Services

In alphabetical order by first name
Name Title Phone
Alejandra Gonzales Registrar / Admissions Coordinator 307-754-6435
Amy Johnson Children's Learning & Care Center Assistant 6188
Annette Paisley Children's Learning and Care Center Assistant 307-754-6188
Autourina Mains Children's Learning and Care Center Manager 307-754-6188
Brian Erickson Men's Basketball Coach 307-754-6210
Callee Erickson GEAR-UP Specialist 307-754-7823
Carle Williams Financial Aid Specialist 307-754-6104
Char Kline Senior Office Assistant for Admissions and Recruiting 307-754-6101
Chris Dugger Interim Residence Life Coordinator 307-754-6205 OR 307-754-6164
Colton Chenoweth Campus Security Assistant 307-754-6067
Crystal Cline Admissions Representative 307-754-6017
Dawn Kasinger Scholarship Technician 307-754-6040
Deb Karst Hathaway Scholarship Technician 307-754-6270
Dee Havig Residence and Campus Life Director 307-754-6412
Del Nose Rodeo Coach 307-754-6464
Denise Kobbe Senior Program Assistant for Athletics and HOPE 307-754-6440
Erick Marquez Interim Fitness Center Assistant 307-754-6439
Haley Sorenson Fitness Center Coordinator 307-754-6113
Jacob Mennell Campus Security Assistant 307-754-6067
Janis Beal Women's Basketball Coach 307-754-6026
Jay R. Costigan Campus Security Assistant 307-754-6067
Jennifer Cannizzaro Senior Office Assistant for Student Success Programs 307-754-6135
Jim Zeigler Men's Wrestling Coach 307-754-6022
Kayla Cates Interim Admissions Representative 307-754-6043
Ken Beebe Director of Dining Services 307-754-6013
Kim Fletcher Disability Support Services Coordinator 307-754-6227
Kristie Sullivan Residence and Conference Specialist 307-754-6165
Kylie Northrup Children's Learning & Care Center Assistant 307-754-6188
Laura Gwinn Interim Title IX Associate 6159
Lee Blackmore Campus Security Manager 307-754-6067
Leslie Kenney Athletic Trainer 307-754-6053
Lydia Hernandez Senior Office Assistant for Enrollment Services 307-754-6149
Marianne Harrison Financial Aid Assistant 307-754-6106
Nancy Fardelius Fees Academic Success Associate, TRiO 307-754-6290
Rebecca Moncur GEAR UP Coordinator 307-754-7822
Roxie Trimble Student Health Services Manager 307-754-6443
Sam Harper Financial Aid Assistant - VA 307-754-6158
Shaman Quinn Financial Aid and Scholarships Director 307-754-6232
Shannon Lusk Career and Transfer Associate TRiO 307-754-6293
Stan Rodrigues Men's Soccer Coach 307-754-6413
Stephanie Moller Children's Learning and Care Center Assistant 307-754-6188
Teri Boyd Student Health Services Nurse Part-time 307-754-6442
Terri Meyer Student Success Program Manager-Project Succeed / TRiO 307-754-6224
Ty Barrus Interim Student Success Manager 307-754-6417
Vernon Ward Interim Residence Life Coordinator 307-754-6161
West Hernandez Admissions Manager 307-754-6103