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A Taste of Chile presented Tuesday, Nov. 11, in Worland

Posted October 24, 2008

P O W E L L,  W y o. - Four women from Chile will share a taste of their native South American country from 6:30-8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 11, in the Northwest College Worland Center (located in the Worland Community Center Complex).

"A Taste of Chile" features music, food, poetry, fashion and dance presented by Northwest College students Melissa Arrigada, Maria Lazcano, Paulina Maldonado and Silvia Haase.

Some of the homemade Chilean foods they'll offer for sampling include cookies called calzones rotos, a light fried pastry called sopaipillas, and anticuchos, a trio of meat, vegetables and spices served on a stick. Beverages are also served.

The exploration of Chilean culture includes a live dance performed in traditional festive dress. Chile's history, politics and geography are also covered in the multi-sensory program.

The public is welcome, and admission is free.