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Brandi Wright wins Purchase Award at art show

Posted May 4, 2007

P O W E L L, W y o. - Brandi Wright contributed to Northwest College's permanent art collection last month when she won an NWC Board of Trustees Purchase Award at the April 24 opening reception for the college's 2007 Juried Student Art Show.

Wright, a Powell High School graduate who was born and spent most of her young years in Cody, was one of four student artists who received a Purchase Award during the reception. The four artworks were selected from 69 pieces that were juried into the show. Now a part of the college's permanent art collection, they'll be displayed on campus.

Even though this is just Wright's first year of ceramics, a Temoku stoneware pitcher she crafted caught the judge's eye and the award. The experimental glazing project was one of seven pieces created by Wright that were selected for inclusion in the show.

After graduating from Northwest in 2008, Wright plans to open a mat and frame store in Powell. She is the daughter of Jeannine and Butch Wright, who live about halfway between Powell and Cody.