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Classes in Excel, safety training and "Dialogue or Discord" coming up soon in Worland

Posted March 4, 2008

P O W E L L, W y o. - Worland residents can pick up some quick training in Excel, on-the-job safety and improving communication in noncredit classes starting next week at the Northwest College Worland Center for Training and Development.

A basic Excel class is offered from 5:30-9 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday, March 11 and 13, for both business owners and employees who want to learn about electronic spreadsheets. A follow-up course on more advanced topics will be offered April 15 and 17. Individuals who sign up for both will receive a $15 discount.

Amy Lamm is the instructor for both sessions. In the March class, she'll provide a basic overview and cover working with formulas and functions, formatting a worksheet and working with charts. The April class looks at analyzing data using formulas, managing workbook data, using tables and analyzing table data.

Each two-night class costs $79 and includes a comprehensive manual. Those who enroll in both classes pay a reduced total cost of $143.

Rhonda Shipp will talk about "Dialogue or Discord: Better Communication for Better Results," at a two-hour training beginning at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 12.

"We are a nation of problem-solvers," Shipp said. "When faced with a problem, we fix it. We may clash when my solution is different from your solution or my perspective is different from your perspective. Conflict is a normal part of human interaction. How do we deal with strongly held, diverse perspectives or very complex issues?"

Shipp answers that question in her "Dialogue or Discord" training by exploring situation mapping as a method for capturing the diversity and complexity of issues. She'll also show how reframing works as a way to "remove toxic language and move the conversation forward in a more productive and cooperative way."

The training costs $12 per person and includes lunch. Reservations must be made by Tuesday, March 11.

MSHA (Mining Safety and Health Administration) safety certification and recertification trainings will be offered Tuesday through Friday, March 25-28.

Workers needing initial safety certification can earn their certificates by completing MSHA's Part 46 New Miner Training offered from 7 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday, March 25-27. This three-day course covers all topics necessary to acquire first-time certification, including electrical hazards, transportation, communication, accident prevention, noise hazards, Part 62, first aid, respirators, dust hazards, fire safety, Hazcom, ground control and reviews supervisor responsibility. Cost is $140 per person. Registration deadline is Thursday, March 20.

On Friday, March 28, the Part 46 annual refresher will cover mandatory health and safety issues, prevention of accidents, dust and noise, escape, evacuation, fire safety, welding, Hazcom, ground control, slings, respirators, transportation-communication, drugs and alcohol, electrical and first aid. Part 46 is designed for miners engaged in shell dredging or employed at sand, gravel, surface stone, surface clay, colloidal phosphate, or surface limestone mines. Cost for the Part 46 refresher course is $60 per person. Registration deadline is Thursday, March 20.

Rohy Keffer from the Wyoming MSHA State Grant Program will provide training for both classes.

For more information or to register for any of these classes, e-mail Kristy Hansen or call (307) 347-8541.