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College filmmakers roll their footage April 26 at NWC

Posted April 19, 2017
By NWC News Desk

Northwest College Photographic Communications majors, as well as students and community members from outside the realm of the NWC Photo Department, will present their audiovisual works in a Wednesday, April 26, showing from 7-9 p.m. in Fagerberg Building Room 70.

NWC adjunct faculty member Kathy Lichtendahl got the idea for a film festival after several semesters of teaching Introduction to Digital Multimedia, a course which focuses on the fusion of video, photography, text, graphics, animation and sound.

“Video is no longer looked at as something entirely different from still photography – especially for the professional,” Lichtendahl said. “More and more customers are asking for both from their photographer.”

The NWC Short Film Festival will feature various documentaries and fictional pieces which vary from only a few minutes to 10 minutes in length.

Themes represented in the screening are diverse with subjects including Motocross racing, paranormal investigations, CrossFit exercise and local caves. Other films explore technology’s ubiquitous grasp on modern society, what it’s like to adopt a child or how local businesses and non-profit organizations operate.

“Part of the thrill of creating a video is the ability to tell a story to your audience,” Lichtendahl said. “With the NWC Short Film Festival, I hope our students will have another opportunity to share and find their voice.”

Admission is free.

College filmmakers roll their footage April 26 at NWC
College filmmakers roll their footage April 26 at NWC