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Community support is invaluable, regardless of the size

Posted September 21, 2006

P O W E L L, W y o. - The Northwest College Foundation is using its 2006 Annual Campaign to remind area residents that local support for NWC is at the heart of the college's success.

"Our stalwart supporters who contribute year after year are the ones who help ensure Northwest's reputation as an educational and cultural leader," Shelby Wetzel, executive director of the foundation, said. "It's not the size of their gift that counts as much as their unwavering loyalty and perennial commitment to keep Northwest a thriving educational hub."

Wetzel said the Foundation's 2006 annual campaign, titled "Small Gifts Big Impacts," is themed to recognize those donors whose annual gifts make a tremendous difference when added together.

"Many of these gifts may be relatively small in dollar amount, but absolutely invaluable in spirit," Wetzel said. "Multiple smaller gifts over the years have helped build the backbone of Northwest's success. We want to recognize those donors and thank them for creating such a powerful legacy of community support."

Big Horn Basin residents will be receiving a letter from NWC President Miles LaRowe soon, with information about the "Small Gifts Big Impact" campaign and a request to continue the tradition.

The Foundation is specifically asking for support in unrestricted and scholarship gifts. Unrestricted funds provide the flexibility to respond to unanticipated educational opportunities when other funding sources aren't available. Scholarship gifts help minimize the financial impact of getting a college education and in some cases, make college a reality for students who couldn't otherwise afford higher education.

Gifts to NWC of all sizes are accepted by the NWC Foundation, a private nonprofit corporation which receives donations on behalf of the college.

More information about the Northwest College Foundation is available online, via e-mail or by calling (307) 754-6110.