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Double feature premieres Monday, May 5

Posted April 30, 2008

P O W E L L, W y o. - Movie-goers to the annual student movies at Northwest College will get a double-feature this year.

The world premiere on Monday, May 5, starts at 7 p.m. in Room 70 of the Fagerberg Building, but the cast and crew will start arriving by limousine shortly after 6:30 p.m. The usual assortment of paparazzi and autograph seekers is also expected.

The first film, "The Hero," looks at heroism through the eyes of a soldier experiencing flashbacks to his time in combat.

Bryce Carroll of Cody directs the film, which was written by Milos Kosic of Belgrade, Serbia, as part of the screenwriting class taught by Taten Sheridan.

The movie stars Jonathan Klug of Powell as Matt, the hero of the war. Michelle Ramirez of Cheyenne plays his girlfriend Lisa. Other soldiers include Wade McMillin of Cody, Matthew Jessen of Powell and Grant Gifford of Cody.

The second, longer movie was written by, directed by and stars Bryce Cornatzer of Tacoma, Wash. "Secondhand Memories" centers on the cast of a radio show fallen on hard times and its writer, Arthur, played by Cornatzer. Other members of the radio acting company are played by Lilli Schoer of Billings, Mont., Nik Vantine of Cody, Loni Sallee of Roundup, Mont., and Klug. McMillin plays a writer hired to replace Arthur and improve the show's ratings.

"Secondhand Memories" started as a concept radio show for broadcast by NWC-TV," Cornatzer said. "Time constraints disallowed me to turn the scripts into acted material." But through the NWC movie production class members' "time and high level of devotion, the collective was able to turn a dream into reality," Cornatzer continued. "The film is reminiscent of 'A Prairie Home Companion,' but it is our hope that any imitation is not perceived as deliberate. The writer of this script could never be that succinct."

The films include mature themes and language and are not suggested for younger viewers. The movies and popcorn are free.