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EZ Web Design is topic of Tuesday-Thursday noncredit class

Posted November 13, 2007

P O W E L L, W y o. - A Web presence is essential in today's marketplace, according to Bill Boudreaux, a Cody High School business education and computer technology teacher, and he'll show business owners and individuals how to create their own during a Tuesday and Thursday evening class, Nov. 27-Dec. 6.

Boudreaux will show how someone with no HTML experience and moderate computer skills can design an informational Web site utilizing software programs like Photoshop, Notepad, Publisher and Dreamweaver. Features like shopping carts and retail systems aren't covered.

Basic business Web sites function to provide informational material, showcase the latest products and services and highlight details of future ventures. In addition, businesses are discovering their Web sites are becoming an arena where they can directly communicate with their clients, future prospects and industry experts. Direct communication with those groups is increasingly important - according to one leading Internet technology analyst, the Internet adds a new user every quarter of a second.

Boudreaux's class meets four times from 6-9 p.m. for a total of 12 hours of instruction. Cost is $89 and includes a manual. The class is sponsored by and held at the Northwest College Center for Training and Development.

For more information or to register, e-mail Stacy Gilman or call (307) 754-6062.