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NWC News Desk

Human Technologies class starts February 16 in Powell

Posted January 29, 2015
By NWC News Desk

POWELL, Wyoming — In today’s world of ubiquitous electronic devices, human technologies are sometimes forgotten. Karen Roles will focus on those oft-forgotten skills in her Monday night class, “10 Human Technologies Tools for Achieving More in a Complex World.”

It meets four times from 7-9 p.m. Feb. 16-March 9 at the Northwest College Center for Training and Development in Powell.

Roles will help participants break through leadership, management and human motivation clutter to focus on the basic technologies humans already possess for leading and motivating people to accomplish great things.

She’ll start with an introduction to the one-on-one visit, accumulating social capital, and identifying assumptive words and self-interest. Also covered are discussions on resource allocation, power mapping, cross-cultural communication, facilitation, network mapping and coalition building.

Cost is $50.

For more information or to register, follow the online "Training Schedule" link, or contact the NWC Center for Training and Development in Powell at 307-754-6062.