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If you didn't take an NWC credit class last year, you've got a scholarship waiting for you

Posted January 6, 2008

P O W E L L,  W y o. - There's a scholarship with your name on it at Northwest College if you didn't enroll in an NWC credit class during the 2008 calendar year.

The Spring Semester 2009 Reach Out Scholarship is available to any Big Horn Basin resident, including GED, home school or high school graduates, who hasn't enrolled in an NWC credit class since the fall 2007 semester. In order to receive the $200 scholarship, students must enroll in any combination of one or more classes that add up to two credits. Recipients can choose to enroll in more credit hours, but the scholarship amount stays the same.

That's all it takes to get a cool $200, an amount that totally covers the $168 cost of in-state tuition for two credits, with enough leftover to help pay for fees, buy a book or purchase other class supplies. Costs vary for classes taken via Internet, ITV (live interactive television) and on-site outside Park County. All classes that meet the scholarship's credit requirement are eligible, including those taken on-site, via the Internet and ITV.

The first step in getting the scholarship is to select and register for one or more credit classes from the Intersession and Spring Semester 2009 Class Schedule available online at.  Printed copies of the class schedule can be picked up at NWC centers in Cody and Worland, public libraries across the Big Horn Basin, and on campus in the Enrollment Services Office.

The next step is to print out a Spring Semester 2009 Reach Out Scholarship Form at. Forms are also available on campus and at the NWC Cody Center and Worland Center. 

Mail the completed form to Reach Out Scholarship, Northwest College, 231 W. 6th St., Powell, WY 82435-1895. For more information, e-mail Jennifer Stauffer, NWC scholarship technician, or call (307) 754-6040.