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Land use seminar in Powell Nov. 6

Posted October 17, 2006

P O W E L L, W y o. - Five land use experts will discuss critical issues facing Wyoming during "Agriculture + Mining = ???," an all-day seminar held Monday, Nov. 6, in the Trapper Rendezvous Lounge of the DeWitt Student Center at Northwest College in Powell. The seminar (which includes lunch) is free and open to everyone, but meal reservations must be made by Wednesday, Nov. 1.

The seminar will explore the effect of increased exploration and development on the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in the region.

Beginning at 9:30 a.m., five topic sessions will run back-to-back addressing permitting, extraction, land management, coal bed methane and reclamation, and weeds in reclamation. The day concludes with an open-topic panel discussion featuring the five experts who spoke earlier in the separate sessions.

The seminar was organized and developed by Northwest College SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) in conjunction with the NWC Ag Department as a service to Wyoming landowners as they brace themselves for a changing world. The goal is to foster a spirit of cooperation to avoid long-term threat or damage to the land and the resources while at the same time addressing the need for self-sufficiency in oil and gas production.

Featured speakers in the 45-minute sessions are Penny Bellah, a land use specialist who will open the seminar with a landowners' guide to the who, when and how of the mining process, followed by Bob Whisonant of Marathon Oil whose topic is extraction. Joseph Icenogle from Fidelity Exploration and Production covers land management fidelity; Colleen Faber, an environmental specialist with Lance Oil and Gas and Anadarko, talks about coal bed methane and reclamation basics; and weeds issues in reclamation are covered in the last session by Stephen Enloe, an assistant professor in the University of Wyoming Department of Plant Sciences and a weed specialist at the UW College of Agriculture's Cooperative Extension Service Resource Center.

The Agriculture + Mining = ??? Seminar lunch is co-sponsored by SIFE and the NWC Block and Bridle Club.

Call Anna Cragoe, (307) 754-6460, or toll-free (800) 560-4692 by Wednesday, Nov. 1, to reserve lunch.