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Local area archaeological digs this summer through NWC

Posted May 15, 2007

P O W E L L, W y o. - Judson Finley, an adjunct archaeology instructor at Northwest College, invites anyone with an interest in area history or archaeology to participate in NWC field studies this summer at two Big Horn Basin sites.

"We encourage people from all backgrounds to participate," Finley said. "No prior experience in archaeology is necessary." NWC will conduct three 10-day sessions this summer, two within the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area and the third in the wilderness area south of Cody.

"We suggest that people who plan to participate in only one session consider the first session (May 21-30) because in this one we'll give the basic introduction to archaeological field methods," Finley said. "This is the best session to attend as we are encouraging a cumulative educational experience that builds on prior sessions." The second and third sessions, scheduled June 4-13 and June 19-29, respectively, require that participants have instructor's permission to enroll.

Students in each session will be expected to camp for a 10-day stint and participate in basic camp activities, cooking in particular. Students should be prepared to work in all weather conditions. Their field assignments will be carried out at stone circles or "tipi rings."

In addition to the regular class lecture, which emphasizes regional culture history, prehistoric technology and subsistence, and past environments of northwest Wyoming, participants will also learn advanced GPS and GIS survey technologies, remote sensing and excavation.

The archeological field studies are offered as a joint program between Northwest College and Indiana University. Laura Scheiber, a professor of anthropology, represents IU as an on-site faculty member.

Each session carries two NWC credits, and in-state tuition is $78 per credit hour. In addition, a $180 course fee will apply to each session. Classes may be taken for grades or just audited as an experiential education opportunity.

For more information about the classes, e-mail Judson Finley or call (505) 244-0186. To register, or for more information about costs, e-mail Ronda Peer or call 800-560-4692, ext. 6123, or (307) 754-6123.