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Lunch, learning and college credit in NWC Spring Saturday Seminars

Posted February 1, 2008

P O W E L L, W y o. - Beginning in February, Worland-area residents can take a day to learn about religions, eBay, piano chording and a host of other topics through a new series of Spring Saturday Seminars at the Northwest College Worland Center.

Two topics will be explored in each of the one-day sessions that meet from 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. on five Saturdays in February, March and April. Altogether, 10 topics are offered and participants can choose as many as they have interest in and time for. Lunch is provided and ½ college credit can be earned for each class.

The seminar format ensures a relaxed learning environment with plenty of opportunity for sharing and no tests to worry about. At the end of each session, participants should have a more informed confidence on the topic, and an actual hands-on experience.

The first two seminars, on Feb. 16, are titled "A Cultural Tea Party - A View of Three Religions," and "Essentials of eBay."

In the cultural tea party, Autourina Mains, an early childhood development instructor at Northwest, gives an overview of the world's three major religions - Christianity, Islam and Judaism - and looks for the similarities. Discussion centers around shared traditions, customs, values and roots. Tea and coffee samples will also be provided from regions of the world that host these religions.

Larry Lord, an adjunct instructor at Northwest, shows eBay learners the ins and outs of the online auction giant. He'll go over the tools that can be used in buying or selling, steps to guard against fraud, how to set up an account and research or bid on an item. He'll also introduce participants to other online auction agents.

On Saturday, Feb. 23, Rick Dorn will teach "Exploring the World's Major Religions," and Lord comes back for "Are you Giving the Government an Interest-Free Loan?"

The March 1 topics are "Using Credit Wisely: Deciphering the Fine Print and Avoiding Identity Theft" and "Make Your Own Greeting Cards."

The next month, "Piano Chording" and "Replenish Your Garden Soil" are covered April 5, and "Preserve Your Family Memories through Scrapbooking" and "Reading and Writing Flash Fiction" are taught April 12.

Each Saturday Seminar costs $50, which includes lunch, tuition and fees. Adults age 16 and older are welcome.

To enroll or for more details, e-mail Kristy Hansen or call (307) 347-8541.