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Master computer basics in evening class Feb. 5 and 12

Posted January 28, 2009

P O W E L L,  W y o. - New computer users who'd like to get comfortable with the basic operations of a computer can get up to speed in two evening sessions through a noncredit "Computer Basics - Fundamental Knowledge" class that meets Thursday evenings, Feb. 5 and 12.

Offered through the Northwest College Center for Training and Development, the class meets from 6-8:30 p.m. in Room 2208 of the NWC Cody Center.

Students will learn about the various types of computers and how they work, and functions of various components. They'll also look at software and how hardware and software work together. Operating systems are covered, as well as how to customize and change system settings.

The common screen commands and functions within Windows applications will be explored, as well as online functions like the Internet, networks and e-mail. Students will receive a more in-depth look at one software program, Microsoft Word, learning to create, save, print and format documents.

Cost for two-evening class is $55 and includes a comprehensive manual.

Click here for more information or to register, or call 307-587-3506.