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Middle and high school students invited to hear acclaimed author and motivational speaker

Posted April 10, 2008

P O W E L L, W y o. - Saturday, April 26, promises to be a red-letter day for parents who know their teenagers are more receptive to advice given from someone closer to their own age but are wary of the advice given by another young person. Those parents can preview the message their children will receive when a 29-year old best-selling author and motivational speaker talks directly to middle and high school students about starting their future and finding true success.

The speaker is Jason Ryan Dorsey, a respected national leader of his generation. He will talk to middle school students from 10:30-11:30 a.m. Saturday, April 26, and to high schoolers from noon-1 p.m. Both presentations will be given in the Trapper Rendezvous Lounge of the DeWitt Student Center at Northwest College. Reservations are required by Monday, April 21.

Recognizing that the sooner Generation Y prepares for college and career success, the easier it is to achieve, Dorsey teaches Generation Y the "insider's secrets" to getting a head start on college and career success. Specific topics he focuses on include setting goals, taking more rigorous classes, exploring college and career options, interviewing skills, getting mentors, landing a job, starting your own business, applying to college, finding financial aid, etc.

Dorsey understands education and teenagers. He has worked directly with approximately 500,000 students, educators, and parents from all 50 states and over 140 countries. He works to help people of all backgrounds and aspirations throw away excuses, create innovative learning environments, and pursue passions that benefit society.

Growing up in a rural community, Dorsey saw few opportunities and abundant obstacles. It didn't help that he began high school at 4'10". He responded to feeling ostracized and picked on by hanging out with the local "troublemakers." At a critical moment, a teacher challenged him to do something positive with his quick wit and street smarts. Inspired by this teacher's belief in his abilities, Dorsey left high school to start college early.

Going to college early and out of state changed his perspective about what was possible. He spent a summer studying medicine in Florida, another summer working on an archeological dig in Israel, and then a year attending college full-time in upstate New York. It was during his studies in New York that Dorsey discovered he had a talent for tutoring students who were struggling academically and from a tough background.

He authored his first best-selling book, "Graduate to Your Perfect Job," at the tender age of 18 as a junior in college. This step-by-step self-help book became a course in 1,650 schools and colleges. Its success led Dorsey to speak at schools, colleges, and Gen Y conferences across the
United States and as far away as Finland and India.

His second book, "Violence Not Allowed," created a nationwide youth movement to prevent multiple kinds of school violence. For his innovation, Dorsey was recognized by both Barbara Bush and Bill Clinton.

Currently, Dorsey delivers his high-energy presentations over 200 times a year and is the most highly sought after young speaker in America. His next book, "50 Ways to Improve Schools for Under $50," reveals the most cost-effective ways he's discovered for strengthening school culture. Dorsey's latest book, "My Reality Check Bounced!" takes a nontraditional approach to helping young adults pave their professional path.

Now 29, Dorsey has delivered his unique style of comedy and how-to strategies by speaking at more than 700 schools and colleges. His insight into Generation Y has led to his appearances on CBS's "60 Minutes," NBC's "Today Show," ABC's "The View" and "20/20." He's also been written about in the best-selling "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series.

Parents and teens who'd like to preview Dorsey's message are invited to click here to watch short videos or read a sample chapter from his latest book.

The Northwest College GEAR UP Program is sponsoring Dorsey's presentations in Powell. Admission is free, but reservations are required. To reserve a seat, either e-mail Robert Hill or Dana Gillett , or call (800) 560-4692 or (307) 754-7822. The deadline to RSVP is Monday, April 21.

In addition to his Saturday programs, Dorsey will also address college students at 10 a.m. Thursday, April 24, in the Nelson Performing Arts Center Auditorium. Admission is free to this presentation, and reservations at not required.

His Thursday morning message is designed to help Generation Y'ers overcome a variety of real-world obstacles, from a fear of sitting alone in the cafeteria to financial struggles to family issues to difficulty making the grade. Dorsey uses comedy and personal stories to confront the most common excuses that derail student achievement, decision making, and self-esteem. His three-pronged message is 1) life may not be fair, but you control how you deal with it-and that determines how far you go; 2) the decisions you make today determine the choices you have tomorrow; and 3) believe in yourself and you can turn any obstacle into an opportunity.