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Mississippi ceramist teaches five-day kiln-building class

Posted April 15, 2009

POWELL, Wyo. - Northwest College is now accepting registrations for a week-long class in kiln building and design.

Taught by Matt Long, a master kiln builder and assistant professor of art at the University of Mississippi, the three-credit class runs all day from Monday-Friday, May 18-22. In the hands-on course, students will build a 30-cubic-foot natural gas-fired soda kiln designed by the instructor.

"We're offering this class," NWC Art Instructor Elaine DeBuhr said, "to answer a demand for kiln-building instruction. Students and community members often inquire about kiln building and design because many go on to set up studios in their homes, or if educators, in their classroom studios. After completing this intensive course, students will fully understand the principles of a variety of kiln designs and be able to design and build their own kilns.

"This is a worthwhile course for anyone interested in ceramics, whether or not they intend to build a kiln. All of the key concepts in ceramics come together in the design and construction of a kiln."

DeBuhr said the class will review historical and contemporary kiln designs, and students will compare firing systems and burner choices, plus learn about the installation of regulators and safety shut-off controls. They'll put their chemistry knowledge about clay and glaze materials to work, learn about combustion and draft, and become familiar with building materials and methods, bricklaying and arch construction.

Tuition and fees total $252 for in-state residents. The total is $642 for out-of-state students, except those living in the 14 states covered by the Western Undergraduate Exchange. The cost for students in WUE states is $351. Audits are possible. For more information about this kiln building and design course, e-mail Elaine DeBuhr or call (800) 560-4692, ext. 6128.