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New A.S. Degree Program in Software Development Begins This Fall at Northwest College

Posted June 13, 2024
By NWC News Desk

POWELL, WYOMING – Northwest College is launching a new Associate of Science degree program in Software Development this fall, the culmination of a five-year process designed to build on the basics already being taught in Wyoming K-12 classrooms as part of the state computer science initiative passed in 2018. The program also accelerates Wyoming’s goal to diversify the state’s economy while providing an additional educational path for students who wish to remain close to home for college.

The A.S. in Software Development is funded by the Wyoming Innovation Partnership (WIP) and was created through a collaboration between the University of Wyoming and the state community colleges. It establishes an innovative 4-year program that opens the field of computer science to more Wyoming students and is provided as a shared effort among participating community colleges, which include Northwest, Sheridan, Western Wyoming, and Central Wyoming.

After completing the A.S. in Software Development at a Wyoming community college, students can transfer to the University of Wyoming in a seamless transition to complete a fully articulated B.S. in Software Development. It will also articulate with the Western Governors University Software Development program.

The program combines practical experience with current programming languages, tools, and processes in the field of computer science. It covers a wide range of topics that are sought after by employers, including programming for web applications using languages such as Python, HTML and JavaScript, Databases, Mobile, DevOps, and Security. The program incorporates working with real clients from the industry on exciting, team-based projects that bring together the knowledge and skills acquired through the related coursework.

As part of the WIP initiative, the Software Development degree program is a top priority for community colleges and UW and complements the already established computer science major at Northwest College. About 70 credit hours will be needed to complete the degree, and all major courses are available online.

For more information on the A.S. in Software Development, contact Astrid Northrup, STEM Division Chair and Professor of Engineering and Mathematics at (307) 754-6066, or astrid.northrup@nwc.edu.

The Wyoming Innovation Partnership (WIP) was created at the request of Governor Gordon in 2021 to modernize and focus Wyoming’s efforts to develop a resilient workforce and economy. The effort aims to better align Wyoming’s economic development agenda by increasing collaborations between state entities and ultimately local partners. The partnership involves the University of Wyoming, the state’s community colleges, Wyoming Business Council, Department of Workforce Services, and Wyoming Department of Education with an emphasis on developing innovative solutions that support and enhance Wyoming’s economy, workforce, and sources of revenue.

New A.S. Degree Program in Software Development Begins This Fall at Northwest College