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Northwest College presents Jan. 30 Honors Recital

Posted January 26, 2009

P O W E L L,  W y o. - For the first time, the Northwest Music Department will present an Honors Recital of top performers from the fall 2008 jury performances.  The recital begins at noon on Friday, Jan. 30, in Nelson Auditorium (contrary to the Feb. 27 date listed in the NWC Public Events Calendar). 

Music faculty believe performances by eight students were truly exceptional and it was important for all NWC music students to hear this level of performance from their peers. The public is invited to enjoy the music as well. Admission is free.

Four freshmen and four sophomores were selected for the Honors Recital. They are trumpeter Andy Mrozinsky and percussionist Zach Paris of Cody; trombonist Willy Parmer of Lovell; saxophonist Erik Olson and pianist Erika Partenheimer of Powell; singer Sadie Lewis of Auburn, Wyo.; pianist Turner Schoer of Billings, Mont.; and singer Donna Fung Yu of China.