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Northwest College students vote to increase fees

Posted March 4, 2009

POWELL, Wyo. - Students at Northwest College voted themselves an increase in the amount of student fees they will pay beginning next fall.

At the behest of the NWC Student Senate, NWC students voted whether or not to invest more dollars in the senate budget by increasing the per-credit fee paid for classes. Students were offered three choices on an early-February ballot: 1) to raise student fees by $2 per credit hour, 2) to raise fees by $1.50 per credit hour, or 3) to maintain the current fee structure.

According to student senators, a $2 increase would allow them to maintain and enhance their support for campus clubs and activities, in addition to a few new projects. A $1.50 increase would keep support at current levels, while no increase would mean a reduction in support.

Of the 178 students who voted, a little over 60 percent favored the $2 increase. Over 26 percent favored the $1.50 increase, and 13 percent preferred to keep fees at current levels.

Almost 39 percent of the 31 students who voted at the Cody Center opted for the $2 increase. Slightly under 26 percent wanted the $1.50 increase, and a little over 35 percent preferred no increase.

Students currently pay fixed fees of $9.25 per credit hour, up to a maximum of 12 credits, to cover student activities, athletics, clubs,  health services, intramurals, judging teams (equine, forensics, and livestock), the fitness center, national student travel, the Trail Newspaper, and other general student services.

Before the election was held, senate representatives presented their proposal to the NWC Board of Trustees at its February meeting. The board voted to support the will of the students as it was expressed on the ballot.

Fee changes will take effect Aug. 24 when the fall semester starts, raising per-credit fees to $11.25 per credit hour.