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Northwest works on plan for improving campus climate

Posted December 9, 2010

POWELL, Wyo. - Northwest College has created a plan of action to improve the working and learning climate on campus.

Facilitator Pamila Fisher was on campus four days during the fall 2010 semester to help the college identify and articulate the reasons and solutions to its climate problems. In addition to meeting with faculty and staff, she worked with a 10-member group which named itself the Trust, Respect and Understanding Support Team (TRUST).

The team identified the following six key areas to address and then assigned groups of college employees to work on specific goals related to each issue.

1)     Code of conduct

2)     Culture of communication

3)     Shared governance and decision-making

4)     Participatory planning and budgeting

5)     Policies and procedures review

6)     Professional development

According to TRUST’s timeline, work on all six issues will be completed by the end of spring semester 2011.