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Nov. 1 and 7 "Taking Care of Business" programs cover ME-generation employees and food service

Posted October 19, 2007

P O W E L L, W y o. - November is a "two-for" month at the Cody Center for Training and Development with two "Taking Care of Business" seminars instead of just one. Designed expressly for business owners' hectic schedules, the one-hour seminars are presented from 8-9 a.m. and include a continental breakfast. Admission is always free.

The Thursday, Nov. 1, program "What's up With the New Generation?" introduces the millennial employee, or "Gen ME," the largest generation to enter the workforce since the baby boomers.

"This generation comes equipped with different values and skill sets that are turning the business world upside and down, and in some cases they are driving their employers crazy," presenter Danel LaRose said. "They communicate differently. They think differently."

Her program is geared for employers who "want to know how to work with a generation that seems to not want to work at all." She'll provide answers to help employers understand: 1) What is it that these employees bring to the table? 2) What do we do with them? 3) How do we relate to them? and 4) Where do we go from here?

LaRose has developed and taught more than 20 different employee and management classes. She worked in the hospitality industry before becoming an employee development administrator for the world's largest hotel representation service and is now CEO of LaRose LLC and LaRose Business Works.

Linda Rogers, program coordinator for a new Food and Hospitality Program to be offered through Northwest College, will preview one of the program's components Wednesday, Nov. 7, when she presents "Are You Being Served?" She'll repeat the program at 8 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 6.

Rogers will introduce the new Food Safety and Food Service training that begins in January. The 52-hour program covers the basic skills needed to enter the food service field and will be taught by people in the business. Participants will acquire knowledge and experience in food safety, kitchen safety, food service and customer service through labs, guest speakers and lectures and by practicing the skills they learn.

Rogers's history in the culinary arts has crisscrossed the country, dating back to the 1970s when she started the first catering business in Vail, Colo., specializing in champagne breakfasts, fine foods and service. During the next decade she served a New York City and Connecticut clientele in her catering kitchen and costume/prop house built to look like a castle. She also worked in food service at an exclusive trophy hunting ranch in New Mexico where she started and operated a turn-of-the-century greenhouse to grow herbs and vegetables for the ranch kitchen. Her southern tour also included directorship at the Raton New Mexico Country Club.

The free one-hour Taking Care of Business series is co-sponsored by the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce and the NWC Cody Center for Training and Development.

For more information about these and other noncredit training offered through the Northwest College Cody Center for Training and Development, e-mail Nancy Hyde or call (307) 587-3506.