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NWC Alumni Association debuts card that turns groceries into scholarships

Posted February 18, 2010

POWELL, Wyo. - The Northwest College Alumni Association (NWCAA) is introducing a new way for alumni and community members to turn everyday purchases into philanthropic deeds and at the same time earn a few personal rewards for themselves.

"The NWCAA credit card is an easy way for alumni and other NWC fans to support the college and pick up some attractive personal rewards at the same time," Robbi Welch, NWC's annual giving coordinator, said.

When a cardholder activates the NWCAA Visa platinum rewards card, the alumni association receives $50, plus a small percentage of every dollar charged on the card. The money is used to fund scholarships and other alumni-related activities.

Campus scenic credit card design
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"It can put a whole new spin on the drudge of everyday shopping," Welch said. "I like the idea that when I use my credit card to pay for the week's groceries, I'm also putting money into a scholarship that's helping a needy student make it through college."

Students aren't the only ones who benefit from the credit card purchases. Charges made on the card can earn points for the cardholder at hundreds of participating retailers and up to 15 bonus points per dollar at select merchants. The points can be redeemed for free airline tickets, merchandise and more.

Graduate credit card design
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Welch said the cardholder also benefits from the card's purchase protection, zero liability protection for unauthorized purchases, 24-hour roadside assistance and emergency cash/card replacement and no annual fee.

"In today's tight economy, everyone is paying closer attention to the payback they're getting on their credit cards," Welch said. "Ours stacks up with the best of them, plus it puts money directly back in our community. It's something you can feel good about using."

The best perk, according to Welch, might be the zero annual percentage rate applied to all purchases and balance transfers for the first six months.

"It's easy to apply for the NWCAA credit card," Welch said, "just go to the college Web site, and click on the "Visa Credit Card" icon where you'll find five images to choose from, so you can select the one that suits you most. Or give me a call at 307-754-6034."

NWC Alumni Association debuts card that turns groceries into scholarships