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Personality types and grant writing covered November 1 and 8 in two Cody workshops

Posted October 19, 2007

P O W E L L, W y o. - The Northwest College Cody Center for Training and Development launches November with two Thursday workshops on personality types and grant writing Nov. 1 and 8.

"Putting Together the Personality Puzzle" begins at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 1. The two hour- program, led by Cody business owner Elizabeth Danforth, uses the "Wired That Way Personality Profile" to help participants learn to find personality strengths and weaknesses and use that knowledge to improve relationships with co-workers, customers, children, companions and others.

"While you can't change other people," Danforth said, "you can change the way you approach them as you identify and understand their personalities. When you learn more about your own personality strengths and weaknesses, you can work on improving your relationships with others."

Cost to attend "Putting Together the Personality Puzzle" workshop is $10 and includes lunch. Registration is limited to 20 people, and the registration deadline is Thursday, October 25.

Jay Otto, manager of West Park Hospital's Prevention and Wellness Office, will teach Grant Writing 101: Finding, Designing and Writing Successful Grants at 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 8.

During the three-hour workshop, Otto said participants "will learn the basics of grant writing, including strategies for finding grants, determining whether a grant is appropriate or not, ideas on how to design grants so that they are more likely to be funded, and specific pointers on using appropriate language and writing techniques."

He promises a "very interactive" workshop and encourages participants to bring grant topics with them.

Cost for the grant writing workshop is $30 per person. Registrations must be received by Monday, Nov. 5.

For more information or to register for either workshop, e-mail Nancy Hyde or call (307) 587-3506.