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Pottery sale raised $1,500 for Durney family

Posted May 14, 2008

P O W E L L, W y o. - The Durney family of Basin received $1,500 from the Northwest College Art Club's pottery sale held May 2 at the college.

Partial proceeds from the work of 10 student ceramists and donations collected during the sale were turned over to Alethea Durney, a NWC student whose home in Basin burned down April 17. Prior to the fire, members of Durney's family were involved in a car accident that took her mother's life and seriously injured one of her sisters.

"We want to thank the Powell community for their generosity in supporting this cause," said Brandi Wright, one of the students who helped organize the sale. "We didn't expect to raise this much to help Alethea's family. It was a great feeling. We're very appreciative of all the people who showed up for the sale and who purchased artwork and made donations."