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Register for Cody team building workshop by May 1

Posted April 16, 2007

P O W E L L, W y o. - Registrations are due by Tuesday, May 1, for a four-hour workshop titled Team Building for Increased Sales, held Thursday morning, May 3, at the Northwest College Cody Center for Training and Development.

Workshop leader Danel LaRose said the goal for the 8 a.m.-noon session will be to help managers and supervisors figure out how to "get everyone growing in the same direction." LaRose uses an analogy familiar to the Cody area to illustrate team thinking: "If you're in a river raft and each person decides to row in different directions, where are they rowing to? As the team leader you might not even be aware everyone is looking out for themselves and meanwhile your business is suffering and going nowhere."

LaRose maintains the way one person chooses to do his or her job affects everyone on the team. One of the duties of a business manager is to get each person to decide what direction they are going to row and to grow in. During the workshop, she'll discuss how differences in individual personalities are an asset to a team and also help participants examine traits within their teams where a greater understanding of differences can lead to greater understanding of customer needs.

She'll demonstrate how invaluable this understanding is when bringing in new team members and talk about ways to inject this new knowledge into a business to improve its team culture.

Cost for Team Building for Increased Sales is $40 per person. For more information or to register, email Nancy Hyde , or call the NWC Cody Center at (307) 587-3506.