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Summer forensics institute is chance for speech students and teachers to learn from national champs

Posted May 21, 2008

P O W E L L, W y o. - You don't have to be in college anymore to learn collegiate-level forensics skills from some of the best - Northwest College in Powell, a perennial powerhouse in collegiate forensics, is offering a summer institute July 28-Aug. 1 for novice and varsity high school students and their coaches.

The NWC speech team recently closed its best season on record, winning community college sweepstakes at every tournament it attended and scooping up gold in debate and bronze overall at the National Phi Rho Pi Tournament. The team's co-directors, Duane Fish and Jeannie Hunt, will lead a group of college competitors, all nationally ranked and national award winners, in teaching the 2008 Northwest Forensics Institute.

The full-service institute will focus on building each participant's individual skills. Students new to forensics will get help finding their events, and all participants can get a head start on next year's individual events in workshops and labs where they'll learn how to find material and present it. Debaters also get plenty of experience from stock issues to critical theory and practice in their workshops.

Coaches get the same individualized approach with attention focused on assisting them develop "their" program. And because participating coaches will have a hand in developing the agenda, they're sure to get the training they want, on everything from coaching beginning events to running a tournament.

Students and teachers alike can opt to receive two college credits for the institute. Professional Teaching Standards Board credit is also possible.
Lodging and meals are available on campus. Total costs, which vary according to lodging needs and credit options, range from $125 to $349.50.

The deadline to enroll is Friday, July 11. Click here and follow the Northwest Forensics Institute link to register online.

For more information, e-mail Jeannie Hunt or call (800) 560-4692, ext. 6422, or (307) 754-6422.