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Those Who Can, Teach, opens Oct. 18 in Northwest Gallery

Posted October 10, 2011
By NWC News Desk

POWELL, Wyo. - An exhibit of current works by the Northwest College Art Department faculty opens Tuesday, Oct. 18, with a 7:30 p.m. artists’ reception in Northwest Gallery.

“Those Who Can, Teach” features work by full-time faculty Elaine DeBuhr, John Giarrizzo, Renee Tafoya and Anne Toner, along with work by adjunct faculty Linda Cleve, Martin Garhart, Zak Pullen and Steve Schrepferman.

DeBuhr, a ceramicist, is displaying pieces from her exploration of the interaction of opposites: weight and weightlessness, stillness and movement. She looks to nature for inspiration in her work but aims to evoke feeling within the viewer.

Giarrizzo’s contribution is three oil paintings from his most recent series, “Between the Lines – Baseball as Metaphor.” His images are presented as a point of departure for contemplation on the human situation within space and time.

Tafoya, a graphic designer, was challenged by an online community of artists to create art every day for one month. She created small abstract drawings that described how she felt at the end of the day, merging her photographs and digital work with a word selected purposely from the dictionary. She’s selected a few of her favorites for the faculty exhibit.

Toner offers paintings of “pests” (the four-legged vermin kind) to question human hypocrisy, convenient contextualization and sense of entitlement. She suggest that animals, brilliant and troublesome at the same time, “might mirror our own humanity and vulnerability more closely than we are comfortable conceding.”

Filling out the gallery will be textiles by Cleve, plus paintings and original prints by Garhart, illustrations by Pullen and pottery by Schrepferman.

Northwest Gallery, located in the Cabre Building, is open from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. weekdays and from 7-9 p.m. Thursdays. Admission is free.