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Travel the world every Tuesday during NWC's Intercultural Lunches

Posted January 29, 2018
By NWC News Desk

Area residents are invited to explore the world through the spring series of Intercultural Lunches, every Tuesday, from 11 a.m.-1 p.m., in the Northwest College DeWitt Student Center.

Currently, for the Spring 2018 semester, NWC has 63 students from 29 different countries enrolled.

Each week, a group of students plan and prepare a traditional meal that is native to their homeland. Students will also showcase images and music from their country.

“This is a wonderful way for our students to share their culture and traditions through food,” said Amanda Enriquez, intercultural program manager at NWC.

Recent Intercultural Lunches included food samplings from Serbia and Uganda. Remaining lunchtime destinations for the current semester are Spain, Cameroon, France, Tunisia, Poland, Pakistan, Japan, Switzerland, Chile, U.S. and Uzbekistan.

Cost for those not on a campus meal plan is $7.25. The admission fee grants full access to all dining hall offerings. 

For more information, contact Enriquez at amanda.enriquez@nwc.edu or 307-754-6424.