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Trombone festival March 31 in Powell

Posted March 2, 2007

P O W E L L, W y o. - Northwest College and the University of Wyoming invite trombonists from across the region to "slide" into Powell Saturday, March 31, for a second annual trombone festival.

Rick Parmer, an adjunct trombone instructor at NWC, said the festival is sponsored collaboratively by Northwest and UW. The day-long event rotates each year between the two ends of the state. The festival is directed by Parmer and Chris Nicholas, a trombone instructor and assistant director of bands at UW.

"We're looking for trombonists of every age and every skill level," Parmer said. "We'll have clinics taught by trombone instructors from across the region, plus a mass trombone rehearsal and performance. Secretly, we want to put more trombones on stage than there were trumpets at the February trumpet festival here at Northwest."

The 2007 repertoire features selections taken from traditional trombone literature, including music by Palestrina, Susato, Texidor and others, as well as an arrangement of "Salvation is Created" by Wyoming's own Don Cherni.

The entire day is free for both players and audience goers who take in the 7:30 p.m. concert held that evening in the Nelson Performing Arts Center on campus.

Interested trombonists can request music or get more information by e-mailing Rick Parmer or calling (307) 548-2647.