Powell Valley Community Education

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Powell Valley Community Education’s mission is to enhance the quality of life in our community, by providing lifelong learning opportunities. Tuition fees collected help offset instruction, publication, and promotion costs.

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Due to COVID-19, our classes for the month of September are all being held virtually.   

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PVCE is available by phone and email Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm. Our office hours are Tuesday and Thursday 9am-4pm. Appointments available upon request.  

Share your knowledge and skill with the community.

PVCE is looking for Fall 2020 community education instructors. For more information look right of this column, or contact us at: 754-6469, or e-mail us at: pvce@nwc.edu. We are trying to keep up with the ever changing world and will offer some virtual classes along with some face to face. 

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Please note, our registration service provider recommends use of the latest version of your web browser. Mozilla Firefox is the recommended web browser. Internet Explorer is the least preferred web browser. Give us a call at 754-6469 and we can register you over the phone, if you are having online difficulties.


Powell Valley Community Education
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