Northwest College

Plan Your Degree

The Academic Advising and Career Center will help you figure out the course of study and degree option that are right for you. Follow these three steps to get there. If you already know the discipline you want to major in (nursing, or history, for example), you can skip the first step.

Step 1: Find out what you're interested in

Scroll down NWC's areas of study and explore any that look interesting to you. It's okay if you can't decide on just one, but try to narrow your list to three or four at the most. It's also okay to pick an area instead of a specific degree (Sciences is okay to start with if you don't know whether you want to go into engineering or mathematics).

Step 2: Think about how much time you want to spend

Save time and money by deciding now how many years of college you're prepared to take and then look for degrees in your interest areas that match your commitment.

Step 3: Make an appointment

Still have questions? Don't worry. The Academic & Career Advising Center will work with you individually to find the answers. Call, email or stop in to make an appointment today:

Academic & Career Advising Center